Class Captains Report to 2015 AGM

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Class Captains Report to 2015 AGM

Post by Bill Green » Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:27 am

Please see below the CC's report which essentially deals with the outcome of the vane sailing questionnaire and the formation of the Vane Racing Team.

In July 2015 MYA Chairman Keith Coxon July 2015 authorised the formation of a group to advance the cause of vane racing. This is the Vane Racing Team reporting to Council via the MYA Racing Officer, Bill Green.

Our relationship to Council, the other teams and MYA Racing Officer is explained in Bill's chart attached 'Team Structure'. The summary questionaire report 2015 is also attached. (Note this and other associated papers can be viewed in the documents for the 2015 AGM)

Top Priorities

1. Creation of a Vane Racing members National Database ​​
2. National Questionnaire re the A Nationals & the future of racing
3. Clarification of the scoring system
4. Improvement of Race Management.
5. Clarification and revision of some current rules.
6. Future form of the League.
7. Encouragement of young participants.

1. The database of past, current and possible skippers, crew, officers and administrators is now complete, enabling the national fleet to be contacted in part or in whole by club or individual. It is set up to allow updating at intervals.
2. There is a proposal for a 4-day alternative to the current 6-day A class Nationals. The questionnaire conclusively found in favour of retaining the 6 day event. There were also useful indicators for the determination of future racing and its conduct.
3. There are two slightly different scoring systems only one of which is MYA approved. These are to be examined shortly and the parameters declared in their unification so that a single system may be used either digitally or manually. Add ons and simplifications need to be considered to speed up and make the result more accurate in use as appropriate. When satisfactorily concluded we will seek MYA approval for the new/revised system.
4. The Questionnaire gave useful guidance in the improvement of race management. Work is about to start to review and implement the guidance.
5. Clarification of some rules needs consideration and how to develop a body of previous judgement for consistency and guidance as aell as other matters. Work is proceeding on this now.
6. The League requires a re working for approval and is largely complete. The fixtures nationally have been established and are in the 2016 MYA racing programme

With a high take up on questionnaire responses it is encouraging to note that 25% of those currently active in racing have started within the last five years and 20% are in the younger age group.

9 new boats and 3 new designs are believed at this stage to be coming to the line for the A Nationals in Gosport 2016, an extremely high number for a relatively small fleet.

The new club at Llandudno continues to have high attendance at the growing number of vane racing meetings. Birkenhead will once again offer vane racing by hosting the 36R nationals in 2016.

An encouraging year!
Stay in touch and contact your club captain

Vane club captains:

Martin Roberts​​Birkenhead
Lisa Mckerchar​​Bournville
Peter Whiteside​​Fleetwood
Jacque Cook​​​Gosport
Gareth Morgan​​Llandudno

Anthony Warren

Vane Racing Team Chair
MYA Vane Racing Class Captain

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