2018 DF Racing UK Traveller Series

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2018 DF Racing UK Traveller Series

Post by wstobbs » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:34 pm

The Dates for the 2018 traveller series are confirmed below. Look forward to bigger and better things in 2018.

The series is made up of 14 one day events and 2 National Championships. Skipper's best 8 scores will count towards the 2018 Traveller Series.

Round 1: 3rd Feb. West Lancs YC. DF65
Round 2: 4th Feb. West Lancs YC. DF95
Round 3: 17th March: Coalhouse Fort. DF65
Round 4: 18th March: Coalhouse Fort. DF95
Round 5: 28th April. Fleetwood. DF65
Round 6: 29th April. Fleetwood. DF95
Round 7: 19th & 20th May. Gosport. DF65 National Championship
Round 8: 9th June. 2 Islands. DF65
Round 9: 10th June. 2 Islands. DF95
Round 10: 7th & 8th July. Keighley. DF95 National Championship
Round 11: 11th Aug. Manor Park. DF65
Round 12: 12th Aug. Manor Park. DF95
Round 13: 20th Oct. Eastbourne. DF65
Round 14: 21th Oct. Eastbourne. DF95
Round 15: 1st Dec: Lincoln. DF65
Round 16: 2nd Dec: Lincoln. DF95

Peter C
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Re: 2018 DF Racing UK Traveller Series

Post by Peter C » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:33 am

Please note you have missed the Chipstead event for the DF 65 to be held on the 10th March

This was requested by the Dragon Force team last year and will be a similar event.

Peter Crisp

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