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Dave Hollom
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IRSA Constitution

Post by Dave Hollom » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:54 pm

The new IRSA constitution seems to me to be, to all intents and purposes, a power grab and I suggest members think very carefully before they cast their vote.

The idea of class representation is good but its execution leaves the class association with no power. The one class representative can always be outvoted by the two IRSA representatives on the sub-committee. It is giving power to the class with one hand and taking it away with the other. Getting rid of the Regional Officers is also a mistake. The Class representatives may all come from one continent leaving the rest of the world with no or very little representation. Is this desirable?

The removal of the General Assembly as the final authority on all matters relating to International Radio Sailing and the suggestion that the GA can only amend Executive Committee directives and decisions (it apparently cannot revoke them) means that IRSA can do pretty well what it wishes with no checks or balances. Is this desirable?

Likewise, with the suggestion that meetings will longer need to be electronic. How do members of IRSA get to physical meetings? Do they get their travel and hotel expences paid and if so who picks up the tab? If they have to get there at their own expense that will severely restrict the number of members who can attend which once more reduces democracy within Radio Yachting. Is that desirable?

Finally, the use of the phrase in article 8 "When voting" removes the need for committee decisions to be voted upon. That means that a committee Chairman can, if so minded, pass forward a proposal to the Executive Committee without necessarily having a majority of the members of that committee in agreement. Is that desirable?

It is noteworthy that the previous wording (shall) made it mandatory for decisions of committee's to be voted upon. Something that it would appear that IRSA neglected to do in last years rule changes.

I rest my case.

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Re: IRSA Constitution

Post by nlightened44 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:02 pm

Thank goodness that we have Dave, and Roger Stollery until he had to resign, trawling the detail of these proposed changes on our behalf.

John Ball
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Re: IRSA Constitution

Post by John Ball » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:08 pm

I am Canadian (expat UK) and so I have to be restrained about what I say on another Counrtry's web site. But I think it is ok to share my views.

The CEEFE group, headed by Lester ran on a platform to change IRSA from a Nations based to a Class based organisation. However I have never supported this view. World Sailing, the parent body for all yacht racing, is a nations based structure, that also recognises classes. Today, the IRSA follows this model.

The member countries pay a membership fee to belong to IRSA while the classes don't - except a fee for hosting World and Continental regattas. The member nations are represented in IRSA in two ways - they participate and vote in the Annual (and Special) General Meetings, but they are also represented on the Executive for day to day business by Regional Officers (RO). The RO represents a continental grouping of member countries. This allows the RO to keep their region informed of issues and seek guidance on how to vote (at least that is the way I think it should work).

The recent motion (that failed - but watch out because I hear that it is coming back) seeks to remove the ROs from the executive and replace them with representatives of International classes (that have not yet formed independent Class Associations (ICA) like IOM-ICA).

While it is natural for the IRSA to focus its attention on the top International classes that are capable of holding World and Continental Championships, they also represent the Member Countries, and those countries may have many members who sail other than those International Classes - the grass roots of sailing. It is important that the needs of the grass roots are not overlooked and that rules and regulations that are formulated are simple enough to meet the needs of all sailors and not just the 'elite'.

So to me it is fundamentally wrong to remove the ROs - the member nations' reps on the Executive- and replace them with 'emerging' classes.

John Ball
IOM CAN 307 (V8)

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