Flooding - have you got wet feet?

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Tim Long
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Flooding - have you got wet feet?

Post by Tim Long » Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:20 am

Well it looks like everyone got out alive after last nights storm surge down the East coast.

We had a high tide here yesterday morning and what was once a boatyard became a great place to sail a MM, although the wind was a little gusty and there was a certain amount of current!

Did anyone else get wet feet or are you all inland enough to be immune from the watery dampness?


Barry Chisam
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Re: Flooding - have you got wet feet?

Post by Barry Chisam » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:35 pm

I bet nobody thought back on December 6th when this thread was started that the country would be in the state it is now.
I keep thinking we are hard done by not being able to sail in the extreme conditions. At least I can go home to a warm dry house and watch the rugby.
Can't begin to know how those feel that have lost everything.

Paul Beardshaw
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Re: Flooding - have you got wet feet?

Post by Paul Beardshaw » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:30 am

Back in 2007 the Hull area experienced major flooding and approx 5000 houses were affected. People were living in caravans, B & B's, hotels, etc for up to a year while their premises were being dried out and repaired. Our floods lasted approx 24hours! The South West has been under water for almost 6 weeks now with no immediate signs of recovery. It is heart breaking to see helpless people in tears as their homes and livelihoods disappear in the water. Goodness knows how long their drying out period will be before any repairs can be carried out. How long will fields be rendered useless for agriculture? Government, the EA and other agencies are now blaming each other for this latest disaster. We are told that it has been the wettest January since 1756 but are also told that the EA have not done their job. We have all seen cutbacks in local government spending, EA funding and cuts in the public centre by our Government and yet a member of that same government now blames the EA but doesn't mention the £100m cut backs from their budget.

I am sick of politicians from all parties endless criticising and blaming their opposite numbers or problems caused by multi-agency organisations where no-one can be blamed because each section ticks all their own boxes but the job never gets done. Regarding the floods around here, people blamed the EA, Yorkshire Water and the local council. As far as I know, no individual agency has been held to account and I'm sure that similar conclusions will arise in the South. An example of this is that water on your property is your responsibility but when it enters the gullies it is transferred to the local authority until it reaches the sewer system when it transfers to the local water company but if it is in open ditches, drains or rivers, it is the EA's responsibility. So who pays for the damage done? Each agency will state that they did their own particular job. In the end, insurance companies will pay which ultimately means Joe Public pays.

We have cut back in just about every area of public spending. Our roads are a mess. Our transport infrastructure is pathetic compared to other countries. Our armed forces are now so diminished that they can no longer be fully effective should the need arise. Our sewers are Victorian. Our gas and water systems have been neglected for years.

I feel so much sorrow for the poor folk who are suffering in the floods and hope that relief comes soon. The politicians are making all sorts of promises for aid and increased investment. I wonder if they will stick to these pledges after the next election.

Rant over!

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