New RRS 2017-2020 is out

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John Ball
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New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by John Ball » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:35 pm

Here is the link ... 946%5D.pdf

Appendix E has several changes.

Addition of Code Flag U ( a less severe version of Black Flag)
Recognition of 'Disabled Competitors' and make equal arrangements.
More detail in 'Outside help'
Deletion of the words 'and as a result, retiring' from Redress.

Change to E8 sail Numners. The old E8.b.2 to drop the leading zero in the range 00-09 has disappeared, so we are back to two digit sail numbers.


In the main part of the RRS, some changes are listed here (from Sailing Anarchy)

Outside Appendix C (match racing), AFAICS, no major changes, particularly to part 2. it's mostly housekeeping.

Definitions now include one for "support person".


Penalty for breaking rule 2 can now be DSQ or DNE.

3 (Acceptance of rules) completely re-written. Includes support people

New rules 6 and 7 - betting/anti corruption & disciplinary code.

Part 2 preamble: boats can now be DSQ for breaking 14 and causing injury or serious damage (as well as 24.1) when not racing.

New 18.2.d Rules 18.2(b ) and (c ) cease to apply when the boat entitled to mark-room has been given that mark-room, or if she passes head to wind or leaves the zone. (Old 18.2.d and 18.2.e renumbered e and f respectively).

18.3 Only applies at port hand marks.

New 19.1.b Rule 19 applies between two boats at an obstruction except (b ) when rule 18 applies between the boats and the obstruction is another boat overlapped with each of them.

20. Re-written. Now states when boats may hail, rather than when they shall not.

21 now part of section D, no longer refers to section C.

22.3 applies to boats moving sideways to windward by backing a sail.

24.2 rewritten. Now "if reasonably possible".

30.3 New "U flag" rule. Aka a black flag that doesn't carry over if the start is general recalled. Black flag is now 30.4.

32.1. Can now shorten to allow time for subsequent races, and can only abandon for starting errors.

32.2 Can now shorted at a line that boats have to cross.

40 - Y ashore = PFDs when afloat at all times.

44.2 Scoring penalty now 20% of DNF score (not entries, as before).

49.1 now refers to when lifelines are required by class or any other rule.(not just SIs)

55 Trash. Penalty now discretionary.

60.4 New rule. Technical committees may protest.
60.5 However, neither a boat nor a committee may protest for an alleged breach of rule 5, 6, 7 or 69.
61.1.a.4 No flag required if the crew is in danger.
53.4 New rule - conflict of interest.
63.7 Broadened to conflict between rules, not just NoR & SIs.
64.3 - housekeeping on class rule protests.
64.4. New rule: Decisions concerning support people.

69 Rewritten.

78 Housekeeping.
84, 85, 86 housekeeping.

Appendix C

Big changes: 17 deleted completely, 18 now the test rules.

Appendix D

17 has not been deleted, contrary to much rumour.
John Ball
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Brad Gibson
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by Brad Gibson » Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:11 am

John Ball wrote:
Change to E8 sail Numbers. The old E8.b.2 to drop the leading zero in the range 00-09 has disappeared, so we are back to two digit sail numbers.
So back we go to the confusion of people calling 80 instead of 08, 10 instead of 01 and so on that then leads to national amendments of further required prefixes. e.g 08 must then become 108 and 01 becomes 101. This is better how?

Single digit numbers solved a problem in providing flexibility for race management teams, skippers and umpires in hailing through widening language barriers at events. Less numbers are easy to call and record, and easier for any owner to apply or amend.
We had 3 skippers at the Euros with sail #47. One stayed as is. The next in line became 147 but the 3rd guy had a problem fitting a 2 or similar on all rigs. There were 2 #17s and 3 #14s at the event so that was not an option. Simple solution wash off the 7 and sail as sail #4. Easily done and problem solved.

I would be interested in hearing the logic in going backwards.....


gordon davies
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by gordon davies » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:03 pm

This was a subject of great debate. There was strong feeling that one digit numbers were confusing for hails - particularly when there were multiple boats OCS.

I am not convinced that there is an ideal solution.

Regarding other rule changes - family members attending an event in company with a competitor may now be considered as support persons and are thus subject to the Racing Rules, in particular rule 69 Misconduct. This means, for instance, that a spectator who berates an umpire or observer for a hail (or lack of hail) may be sanctioned by the Jury.


Brad Gibson
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by Brad Gibson » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:41 pm

Hi Gordon,

I would agree that there is no complete solution, but I would suggest the one we presently are using is better than the one we are to change (back) to.

As our hails now are called using individual digits in succession (i.e. four two protest...... instead of forty two protest....), in applying the same logic we would be removing 3 digit numbers also and going solely with 2 digit numbers? Not ideal....

The current system in use does not have widespread issues, and offers far more flexibility in avoiding sail number clashes helping both race teams and competitors, makes life easier than previous in identifying competitor numbers quickly in an incident and is widely supported among skippers from my experience since the last change was made. (as a sailmaker the topic and application of numbering on sails is one spoken about often) :)

Others may have a different view....


Erick Brunswick
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by Erick Brunswick » Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:39 pm

The problem of how to deal with 0 ( zero ) as a leading digit seems never ending.

Reading Sail numbers is hard enough

One believes that the long term solution is not to issue registration and personal sail number that would give rise to this.

Similarly boat that are already registered with these cherished numbers should be given 1 year to re-register and similarly personal sail numbers falling in this category should be cancelled.

To be honest ALL personal sail number should be cancelled since not many people use one rig on multiple boats.

Simple ! Problem gone in one year - no need for MYA to make up local rules

gordon davies
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by gordon davies » Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:36 pm

Should boats that have multiple certificates have a different sail number for each certificate? This would avoid the temptation for a Marblehead owner of one hull with 3 certificates switching between the 27 rigs that he can potentially register.

IRSA Technical Committee, who proposed the changes, have issued explanatory notes.

Personally I have not studied the new rules in detail yet - to avoid confusion when I am at events. I once spend a morning team racing umpiring with a highly respected umpire who was working to next years rules that he had been working on - very disconcerting. I still have 3 big events this year.


Chris Cook
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by Chris Cook » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:25 pm

0 as leading digit;
It would help to have a dot after the second digit (for all numbers)

For example 08. would be hard to confuse in reverse by .80

gordon davies
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Re: New RRS 2017-2020 is out

Post by gordon davies » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:24 pm

A simple idea that would work.

I would be in favour.


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